Youth For Christ Guatemala is experiencing a season of significant growth as they have focused on investing in their ministry and service teams before anything else. We are celebrating this with them, and excited to see what God is continuing to do in the lives of students and leaders throughout Guatemala.

This year, the team was mobilized to all areas of Guatemala, bringing the sports program, "Academias Vida" into new areas of the country and training up new teams to serve.

The Academias Vida program is designed to meet kids where they are in the community and connect with them through sports. For many children, this activity is not only a healthy way to spend time, but also opportunity for them to grow and reach new achievements in sports. Students get to receive coaching in sports, participate on a league team together, and learn about God's love from a Christ Following mentor, their Coach. Many of the children would not have the opportunity to play in a league without the program, much less have a caring mentor in their life who shows them how to walk with Jesus. The volunteers who are connecting with these students are trained extensively so they are fully equipped to teach, mentor and disciple these students.

Not only is Academias Vida growing in Guatemala, but they are sharing the vision for this effective program with Youth For Christ ministries in all of South America and currently helping them to develop in Copán, Honduras and Juarez, Mexico.

New Life Program

The New Life program in Guatemala provides foster homes for children in need. There are currently two active foster homes thriving in the program, and two short term care homes. They are partnering with the local church ministry "Casa Del Faro" to provide discipleship and spiritual counsel to displaced children.

JPC Learn

Juventud Para Christo Learn, (Youth For Christ Learn) provides a course to learn English for volunteers and service team members. This gives them the opportunity to expand their opportunities in life as well as ministry opportunities to grow. Currently there are 26 people involved at three different levels.

JPC Learn is also providing scholarships for 26 primary age children as an initiative to impact students through education combined with active discipleship from a tutor.

Bus de Vida

During this pandemic, more and more children are going hungry. So the Bus de Vida ministry has been partnering with local ministries, the World Food Program, and World Central Kitchen to bring food to families in need. Together, they have delivered more than 14,000 complete bags of food and necessities to families in remote areas of Guatemala.

This is a beautiful example of Jesus followers being His hands and feet. Youth for Christ Americas empowers LOCAL ministries to reach kids right where they are.

If children are lacking education opportunities, that is where they will be met.

If they don't have a safe home, that is where they will be met. If they are struggling in school, don't have a meal to eat, or a caring mentor to guide them, that is where they will be met.

Jesus sees our needs. He doesn't only provide our spiritual redemption, he cares about every detail of our lives and promises to provide for our every need, protect us, and nurture us. He provides a path for our lives that leads to freedom and thriving.

When we see children lacking basic needs, and having their human rights violated, we meet them there WHILE sharing God's love with them. The ministries in Guatemala are tailored to the unique needs of the community. The education, training, and resources are all based on meeting the greatest needs in these students lives in the name of Jesus, and showing them how to follow Him for the rest of their lives.

We are so grateful to partner with you in supporting these important ministries and seeing them grow and multiply as we invest in the next generation.