The Guatemala team is preparing for the 8th edition of Bus de la Vida coming up this December!

The “BUS DE LA VIDA” is a missionary mobilization program, in which we seek to involve leaders and young people in active service in communities within the interior of Guatemala, proclaiming the gospel through Bible schools (children, adolescents and youth), workshops, festivals and trainings that are aimed at both community

leaders and local church leaders; we also carry out social impact activities; as a strategy to impact the community that receives us.

This program is a full week of serving the communities of Izabal, Guatemala; Bringing food and supplies to remoted communities and most importantly, sharing the love of God with them through teaching, activiteis and quality time.

The Bus de la Vida ministry partners with local ministries, the World Food Program, and World Central Kitchen to bring food to families in need. Together, they have delivered more than 14,000 complete bags of food and necessities to families in remote areas of Guatemala.

This year, the Guatemala team is welcoming missionaries from abraod to serve, as well as mobilizing local volunteers. We expect God to move in big ways in a life changing week for the children served as well as the staff and volunteers who serve.

Want to be involved in Bus de la Vida this year? There are many opportunities to participate. Click below to get in touch with us!